Aoraki E
E karanga e te iwi e
Kua eke mai ne
Kua eke mai ne
Ki runga te marae e

Aoraki calls to the people
The people who have arrived here
Welcome to our Marae

We think our school, our community and our National Park are very special and we'd like to share them with you. Come along with us on our learning expedition and feel free to comment on any aspects you particularly enjoy.

Anna's Page

Nz Native Forests

Ship Creek
We drove to Ship Creek to see the humongous waves. It was very windy so the sand blew in our eyes. We saw a large piece of drift wood. When the adults were taking photos the wave almost got them. Ship Creek was a sand beach not a rock beach. Bu said that the sand is made when the wind or the power of the waves crushes the rocks.

Hi I'm Anna and I'm eight years old.My favorite color is orchid.  My mum and dad come from Japan. I have a little sister named Marina.I have two fish at home.I go to Aoraki Mount Cook School.They have two gold fish and two axolotl.I like going to the school because the I.C.T such as Imovie and how there are more computers then the students.


My Portfolio

Work I Have Been Doing At School

This is my painting of the view I can see from the front entrance of the school.

This is my candle stick holder,we made these with clay and then we painted it.My candle stick holder was very stable.

This is my other candle stick holder.

This is my suspension bridge.Marina and I made this bridge.
 We went to the Hooker Valley suspension bridge and I did a Comic Life to explain what we did there.
 This is my other bridge.It is an arch bridge.

This is our tower that Tessa,Harry and I made.It is very stable.

This is my Daruma Doll.When you push the Daruma Doll it will stand back up again.It stands back up again because it got a heavy base.


 This is part of the book Caterpillar Crisis.We made this because we actually did have some caterpillars in our class room and it did turn into a crisis.The voice thread of Caterpillar Crisis is on the home page.

 I am doing spellodrome.Spellodrome is a very cool thing to do.
 I have made a Comic life to show how an motels base is strong.

This is the book I am reading for the children Book awards. 

Swim Camp

I am going to start freestyle

Now I am doing breaststroke

 I am jumping of the diving board


 I can hit the ball up

 I can hit the ball down

 I can play with a partner