Aoraki E
E karanga e te iwi e
Kua eke mai ne
Kua eke mai ne
Ki runga te marae e

Aoraki calls to the people
The people who have arrived here
Welcome to our Marae

We think our school, our community and our National Park are very special and we'd like to share them with you. Come along with us on our learning expedition and feel free to comment on any aspects you particularly enjoy.

Edmund's Page

Edmund says......
The West Coast was fun. We did a walk at Makarora and it was cool. It was a rainforest walk it was raining a little bit but it was still cool when it was raining because it’s supposed to rain in the rainforest.

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Hi I'm Edmund and I'm 6 years old and I go to
Aoraki/ Mt Cook School.
I had my birthday last Wednesday.
Ed & Ed

 This is some of my work for Term 1 2011

                         We learnt about response and recovery at the Christchurch earthquake

                                     We wrote about the Fire Brigade coming to our school.

          We made a story about the caterpillar crisis we had in our classroom.
Look at our voice thread of this on the  home page.

 "Oh my gosh"  the caterpillar was on the shelf.

We all wrote caterpillar crisis. I like the part when we all said 'cooooooooooooollll' !

For Maths I have been learning about prisms and tens and ones.

                                             For reading I read  a story about bears.

            On my desk I have this placemat. It has a list of my goals and photos of me!

                          I painted  the view from our school with Mount Sefton and Mt Footstool

                      We learnt how to make sure a signpost is strong. We learnt how to make concrete.
                       We wrote our ideas in comic life.

     I wrote about the data logger that stores information about the bridges in the National Park.
     Look at my seal with the smiley face.
                  I can write stories really neatly with fullstops and I can spell lots of words now.
I liked making the Daruma dolls. we made them because we were learning how to make things stable
                         It was really fun to make the candle stick holders. Mine was stable. I liked painting it.

         We have been learning about how bridges are strong. This is my cable-stayed bridge.

                                         Wow look how strong my truss bridge is!

                                         This is the activity that Marina and I had to make.
                                        This is our very awesome suspension bridge

                          My giraffe- Harold is stable and can stand up on his own.

       I used "Pages" to  write my very long story about our visit to the Hooker Valley Suspension Bridge. Look at all  my work!