Aoraki E
E karanga e te iwi e
Kua eke mai ne
Kua eke mai ne
Ki runga te marae e

Aoraki calls to the people
The people who have arrived here
Welcome to our Marae

We think our school, our community and our National Park are very special and we'd like to share them with you. Come along with us on our learning expedition and feel free to comment on any aspects you particularly enjoy.

Marina's Page

Marina Forests

Kiwi Wild Life Centre
This is the Kiwi wild life centre. Can you see the big fake Kiwi? We learnt about the Kiwi predators there. Did you know we saw real live Kiwis!!! One was named Howi the other was Richter.

Gates of Haast
This bridge is called a Truss bridge. The triangles make it strong. Can you see the River? We did a little walk under the bridge, to get a better view.


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 My name is Marina I am 6 yrs old. I go to Aoraki Mt Cook School. My favourite colour is pink I have a older sister called Anna. 
I like playing playground, tag tennis and catch ball.
Look at all the work I have been doing in Term 1 2011

I painted the view from our classroom. This is just what I saw.  
Mt Sefton is a very tall mountain and
it had lots of fresh snow on it.
Edmund and I were squeezing the firehose. We had a fire practise and the fire brigade came to our school.
This is my Daruma Doll that I made. We were learning about how to make shapes. If you push the Daruma Doll it will go back onto its heavy base.
I made this candle holder out of clay.  I had to make sure that it was stable.
We made a book about the caterpillar crisis in our room. We made a voice thread of us reading it, and put it on the internet. This is what I had to say.

Edmund and I made a suspension bridge. They go over wide rivers. It is strong because the cables hold up the deck.

These are all the people in my school.
I made my placemat. I put it on my desk. It has the Thinking hats and all my goals.

This is my reading book.
I learn my spelling list every week.

In Maths I have been learning to find  hundreds tens and ones.

We are helping to make a new sign near the school. It has to be steady and stable.

I made this truss bridge with Edmund and Harry. The triangles make it strong.

I drew this cable-stayed bridge by looking at a sketch.

We went to the Hooker Suspension Bridge with Craig. Craig got information about the bridge from the data logger.

Craig is telling us how the bridge is strong. The cables hold the deck up.

At school we have a Pou with pictures about Aoraki/Mt School on it.

I have been learning new tennis skills. I can bounce the ball upwards and downwards, bounce it on the wall and I can hit it to another player.

I am learning to paint mountains.

We went to Oamaru for swimming camp. we learnt how to survive in deep water.

I also learnt new swimming skills. I can do freestyle and backstroke.

 This is my screen print of my Weta.