Aoraki E
E karanga e te iwi e
Kua eke mai ne
Kua eke mai ne
Ki runga te marae e

Aoraki calls to the people
The people who have arrived here
Welcome to our Marae

We think our school, our community and our National Park are very special and we'd like to share them with you. Come along with us on our learning expedition and feel free to comment on any aspects you particularly enjoy.

Cian's Page

The Thunder Creek Falls
The walk to the Thunder Creek Falls was amazing. It was like a moss wonder land there was long mosses, short mosses, dripping mosses and some brown moss. When we got to the Thunder Creek Falls, after walking along the track, we saw the water fall. It had the colours of the rainbow at the end of it because of the sun shining through the small particles of water. It looked amazing. The whole water fall sparkled in the sun it looked like a flowing diamond.

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I'm blowing on my wind powered car.